Featured in Oregon Home Magazine

Oregon Home Magazine featured Fairmount Hills Cottage Restoration

Featured in Oregon Home Magazine

A decade ago, Kraft Custom Construction’s renovation and addition to a 1927 cottage in Salem was featured on the front page of Oregon Home Magazine. Now, the publication has revisited the project in “As Time Goes By”, an article that highlights the timelessness of the renovation design.

The Salem home, dubbed the “Tulip Cottage” for the stained-glass flower featured in a front window, underwent a renovation whose aim was to give the owner the space she needed while preserving the home’s historic feel.

“The charm of the home could have easily been lost if the design were left in the hands of someone less architecturally aware of its needs. For that reason the design team compiled for this project was critical” said Robert Kraft, owner of Kraft Custom Construction.

The bones of the ‘20s-era house were steeped in the design trends of the time, Kraft said. “In its raw state, the home had such strong architectural language.”

The updated Oregon Home article details how the project’s addition of a bedroom, bathroom and large bay window have stood the test of time. The carefully designed remodel still is perfect in the eyes of the homeowner, Randy Fishfader.

“Even 10 years later, everything seems as fresh as the day it was complete,” she said.