West Linn Exterior Renovation

2020 | West Linn, Oregon

This woodsy home nestled along the Tualatin River suffered years’ worth of past owner-applied fixes and poor remodel jobs, leaving the home’s exterior in a rotted and dreary state. The homeowner’s main goals of the project were to fix the extensive amount of dry rot damage, re-do the entire exterior envelope of the home, and increase functionality of outdoor spaces – all while maintaining a natural look within the woods.

The work was completed in two phases to align with the project goals and timeline. In phase one, we uncovered and fixed all dry rot issues, applied new weather-proofing systems, resided and reroofed the home, and rebuilt the back deck. In phase two, we converted the client’s carport into a fully functioning enclosed garage, and built a newly designed front entryway and second story balcony. One of our favorite details of this project is the scribed wood deck around the original stone chimney, creating a custom finish and seamless flow of materials.

At every part of this process, we wanted the home to feel like a natural part of its surrounding. Using high quality materials, and a humble style, we brought mother nature and the client’s character into perfect harmony.

Webb Architecture, LLC

"Kraft Custom Construction is a first class company due in no small part to the terrific people it employs. The work you accomplished on my house is a joy to me every day."