1930’s Vintage Kitchen Remodel

2020 | Salem, Oregon

After nearly 20 years of working in a cramped and inefficient kitchen, as well a doing most of their cooking on a hotplate because of on-going issues with old appliances, our food-loving clients were more than ready for a major kitchen remodel.

Our goal was to open the kitchen and living space without compromising the architectural integrity of this gorgeous 1930’s home, allowing our clients to cook and entertain guests at the same time. We made sure to retain key elements, such as the plaster cove moulding detail, arched doorways, and glass knobs in order to maintain the look and era of the home.

Features includes a new bar and prep sink area, new appliances throughout, a cozy dog bed area incorporated into the cabinet design, shelving niche for cookbooks, magnetic cabinet door on the broom closet to display photos, a recessed television niche for the flatscreen, and radius steps with custom mosaic tile on the stair risers.

Our clients can now cook and entertain guests with ease while their beloved dogs standby to keep the floor clean!

Petra Geiling Interior Design

“Kraft is sincerely the best company anyone can use. They’re not the least expensive you can find, but in my experience as an Interior Designer, Kraft is the most honest and realistic about what a project will entail. Doing this kitchen renovation meant digging into our retirement, which was scary for us. However, having said that, I will be forever happy we went ahead with it. This kitchen has now brought us so much joy, and I am grateful every day that we chose Kraft.”