NW Portland Condo Remodel

2018 | Portland, Oregon

This dark, claustrophobic kitchen was transformed into an open, vibrant space where the homeowner could showcase her original artwork while enjoying a fluid and well-designed space. Custom cabinetry materials include gray-washed white oak to compliment the new flooring, along with white gloss uppers and tall, bright blue cabinets. Details include a chef-style sink, quartz counters, motorized assist for heavy drawers, and various cabinetry organizers. Jewelry-like artisan pulls are repeated throughout to bring it all together. The leather cabinet finish on the wet bar and display area is one of our favorite custom details. We “concealed” the coat closet by installing concealed hinges, touch-latch hardware, and painting it the color of the walls. Next to it, at the stair ledge, a recessed cubby was installed to utilize the otherwise unused space and create extra kitchen storage.

We pride ourselves on the high level of coordination this project took to complete. The condo association had very strict guidelines stating no work could be done outside the hours of 9am-4:30pm, and no work on weekends or holidays. The elevator was required to be fully padded before transporting materials, and floor coverings needed to be placed in the hallways every morning and removed every afternoon. The condo association needed to be notified at least 5 days in advance if there was going to be loud noises due to construction. Work trucks were not allowed in the parking structure, and the city issued only two parking permits for on-street parking. These guidelines required detailed planning and execution in order to complete the project on schedule. Kraft took on all these challenges with ease and respect, completing the project complaint-free!

2020 Regional Contractor of the Year (CotY) Winner for Residential Kitchen $100,001 to $150,000

2018 Pacific Northwest Remodeling Achievement Award for Residential Kitchen $100,001 to $150,000

2020 Portland Tour of Remodeled Homes

C Change Design

"Every aspect of working with Kraft Custom Construction was exceptional. The Kraft team excels at responsive communication and tracking the details, which for me are keys to building trust, especially since I was living in the condo during most of the project. I couldn't be more pleased with the subcontractors Kraft chose. I love showing off Kraft's superior results, and I look forward to recommending this top-notch company to many others who live in my building."