Historic Farmhouse Reconstruction

2018 | Albany, Oregon

This 1914 family farmhouse was passed down from the original owners to their grandson and his young family. The original goal was to restore the old home to its former glory. However, when we started planning the remodel, we discovered the foundation needed to be replaced, the roof framing didn’t meet code, all the electrical, plumbing and mechanical would have to be removed, siding replaced, and much more. We quickly realized that instead of restoring the home, it would be more cost effective to deconstruct the home, recycle the materials, and build a replica of the old house using as much of the salvaged materials as we could.

The design of the new construction is greatly influenced by the old home with traditional craftsman design interiors. We worked with a deconstruction specialist to salvage the old-growth timber and reused or re-purposed many of the original materials. We moved the house back on the property, connecting it to the existing garage, and lowered the elevation of the home which made it more accessible to the existing grades. The new home includes 5-panel doors, columned archways, tall baseboards, reused wood for architectural highlights in the kitchen, a food-preservation room, exercise room, playful wallpaper in the guest bath, and fun era-specific fixtures throughout.

Nathan Good Architects

Petra Geiling Interior Design

"We hired Kraft Custom Construction to renovate our 100-year-old family farm home. This was a very special project to us and we wanted to make sure it was done right and with quality construction. After months of detailed research on the house we found out the house would be better off if we rebuilt it. Kraft was very sensitive to the dynamics of this project and made sure great care was taken to replicate all the details of the old house into the new house. It took about 13 months to complete. We couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. We are loving all the original details and the quality construction. Everything looks impeccable. Kraft Custom Construction has fantastic communication and attention to detail. We would definitely hire them again."